Terms and Conditions

These T&C are the basis for a business relationship between Tierbetreuung Zentralschweiz (TZ hereafter) and the customer. They are considered binding once TZ is contracted.
Duty of Care:
TZ undertakes to fulfill the tasks entrusted to the best of its knowledge and belief and with utmost care and competence. This is however only possible when the customer briefs and instructs TZ thoroughly of all details in regards to their pet(s). (e.g. required meals, timing and amounts, medications, possible abnormal behaviors, distress, etc.). 

Customers are invoiced according to the TZ price list. Additional work or services not listed will be invoiced separately according to effort involved.

Cancellation Costs:
Should an agreed service be cancelled, CHF 30.-- will be charged as reparation.

In cash after each agreed service. A receipt will be issued upon completion of the services and at the key return. Purchases made during the agreed service will be invoiced at costs.

Liability in Case of Damage:
TZ will only be liable for any damages incurred to the customer or any third party due to clear negligence. If TZ was not sufficiently instructed by the customer or third party, TZ is not responsible for any possible liability claims made by the customer or third party. The customer will cover any veterinary costs incurred during a service agreement in full. I love animals and will do everything in my power to look after your pets with the best of care. Should a pet die due to sickness, age or accident during my care, I shall not be held liable. This refers also to any pets that go missing (especially loose cats).

valid from 27. July 2014 - Version 1.0