How does it work?

1. Introductions
I will come by and introduce myself personally as well as my service overview. I'll get to know you and your pet(s) in a initial meeting.

2. Contract
If you are happy for me to take care of your pet, then we will put together a short written agreement (in german) to cover all details. I will then send you a copy by email or post for your reference.

3. Key Handover
If I need to take care of your pet within your residence, then we will determine a date and time for me to collect a key.

4. Pet Care
Within the agreed timeframe, I will look after your pet with tender loving care.

5. Key Return
I will return the key to your home at a time that fits for you.

6. Payment
In cash after each appointment or dog walk. I will hand over a receipt when I return your key.